Outcome Healthcare has extensive experience working with patient Continuity of Care Documents (CCD). A CCD is typically a very large and complex XML message that contains a patient’s entire clinical summary. Diagnosing issues within the message can be overwhelming and time consuming to those with less experience.  All of the developers at Outcome Healthcare have spent countless hours working with numerous clients to ensure that their CCDs are being ingested correctly with the correct data and have a deep and full understanding of how to quickly identify and fix errors.

In order to ensure complete and quality data is ingested from the CCD, we implement CCD filters that we have developed. These filters check multiple values within each data entry and either nullify the entry or leave it as is accordingly. Additional custom filters can easily be developed in order to meet the needs of the client as well.

Patient CCDs can also be generated and sent back to providers via a Document Query and Retrieve process. During this process, it is important that the participant does not receive their own data on the patient as it could cause duplicate entries on their system. Therefore, we implement a permit/deny feature that blocks a participant’s own data from being included in the summary CCD that is generated.

Sometimes, there is additional patient data that we want to include in their summary CCD that we can get from outside sources. We have developed software that makes API calls to various government services such as CURES and CAIR that return additional patient medication and vaccination data. Once this data is retrieved it is then injected into the summary CCD before being sent to the participant requesting it.

Outcome Healthcare has spent years working with patient CCDs and building software to maximize their potential via ingestion and the creation of outbound summary CCDs. Our expertise and experience allow us to continue to make enhancements and discover issues that might be typically missed in such a large, complex document. We are confident in our abilities and are excited to provide the development needed to ensure quality CCDs.