GE Healthcare

Outcome Healthcare knows what it takes to bring interoperability to GE Centricity and Siemens brand systems, including Siemens SMS. We have spent extensive time with GE’s Integrated Care Solutions and Care Delivery Management.  Although most modules are compatible within the same suite, integration challenges may still occur between external systems.  We have successfully integrated GE’s Inpatient, Patient Administration, Accounting, Ambulatory EMR, Practice Management, Perioperative, Anesthesia, Perinatal, Radiology, Cardiology and Pathology suites.

HL7 Integration is typically the primary means for connection to GE, but in many cases we have developed custom adapters to unlock data in hard to access portions of the system.  As a major imaging vendor, we’ve also integrated GE’s diagnostic imaging data, both DICOM and HL7.  Furthermore, when it comes to HIE and Population Health Management, Outcome Healthcare has successfully connected dozens of sites to GE’s Caradigm platform.