FHIR Interoperability

Integrate HL7 and CCD  data with FHIR

Our team has created a robust and highly scalable set of integration components which can convert in the following modes:

  • HL7 to FHIR

These components run in a highly scalable architecture and can serve thousands of requests per second, on moderate hardware.

Inbound Data Flow

  1. Request comes in through a load balancer
  2. Filters can be applied to exclude certain messages / payloads
  3. Transformer converts HL7 or CCD to FHIR
  4. Codesets in specific source paths are converted using table driven maps
  5. The FHIR bundle can then be returned to the requestor or sent to a FHIR server
  6. Each request can be logged along the way in a file system or DB of choice

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