Encounter Notifications

Critical, real-time patient updates.

Providers can reduce liability, avoid readmissions, prevent costs, and have greater patient satisfaction through real time notifications. Outcome Healthcare deploys a proven, extensive healthcare notification solution to deliver real-time, actionable patient data that unites care provider teams administering treatments and instructions to the same patient.


Push notifications earned reaction rates upwards of 40% for HCOs, over 30% higher than average reaction rates.

* Kameleoon. https://www.kameleoon.com/en/blog/digital-healthcare-patient-experience-statistics. Accessed January 29, 2022

End-to-end support for compliant Encounter Notifications

The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule requires hospitals to send e-notifications at the time of a patient’s admission, either immediately before or at the time of discharge, and when a patient transfer event occurs. The rule requires mandatory Notification compliance for Medicare and Medicaid participating hospitals by May 1, 2021. To comply with this mandate, healthcare entities require a standards-based notification system that works well with existing technology through standards-based integration, can be deployed quickly, and requires minimal investment.

Outcome Healthcare’s Encounter Notification Solution includes:

  • Rules-based routing to send HL7® messages directly to provider EHRs
  • Easy onboarding with the hospital EMR – minimal hospital IT support is needed
  • Access to all community providers via regional directory services
  • Achieve advanced patient/provider attribution and matching
  • Works with all leading EHR Systems – Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, MEDITECH, etc.



Outcome Healthcare provides a FHIR®-ready solution to meet The CMS Rule Admission, Discharge, and Transfer Event Notifications Requirement. The Encounter Notification solution automatically enables medical personnel to receive real-time alerts when a patient has a hospital encounter or other event requiring coordination of care.



Outcome Healthcare implements  a custom set of notification rules for defined event triggers. Healthcare organizations choose delivery of the alert; through email, direct secure email, receiving a notification on the Outcome Healthcare HIE Platform, or simply having the original message that triggered the encounter notification forwarded via the Outcome Healthcare Clinical Portal.



Outcome Healthcare is a trusted security vendor delivering Encounter Notification solutions that enable secure, automatic routing of patient care summaries care providers in a manner compliant with Meaningful Use requirements for Transitions of Care.



The Outcome Healthcare Encounter Notification offering enables the unique ability to not only solve healthcare coordination of care problems through rapid communication, it also helps digitally transform providers through a cloud-based software solution that leverage open APIs and accredited interoperability standards.

Technology to manage patient data effortlessly

Outcome Healthcare’s Encounter Notification solution provides the unparalleled ability to digitally transform the communication flow during transition-of-care processes related to hospital visits. Outcome Healthcare delivers a robust and scalable technology platform to that provides physicians and other healthcare providers, insurers, and care management teams with useful and timely care coordination alerts and patient data to improve point-of-care services, follow up, and disease management.  Quickly define common rules for Encounter Notifications:

Outcome Healthcare’s Encounter Notification Service is used by providers to quickly and effectively receive critical, real-time patient updates. Providers are able to create groups of patients that they want to receive encounter notifications on. They then build a custom set of rules to determine what will trigger a notification such as a patient getting admitted, discharged, or admitted to emergency. Finally, they choose how they will receive the alert; these alerts can be through email, direct secure email, receiving a notification on the Outcome HIE Platform, or simply having the original message that triggered the encounter notification forwarded to them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made ENS more important than ever. ENS has provided quick and reliable alerts to providers on patient COVID status. Additionally, it has helped record accurate COVID test numbers which has helped track the volume of cases in given cities and states.

Coordinate care communications and boost regulatory compliance

Providing a solution designed to healthcare organization’s specific needs, the Outcome Healthcare Encounter Notification solution can send secure email messages to providers for active patients in the practice, can interface with the Outcome HIE, and can include other compliant means of prompting. Organization choose which alerts are most relevant to their business, including hospital admission, hospital discharge, or emergency room visits. Coupled with the Outcome Healthcare HIE architecture, the Clinical Portal, or on its own, Encounter Notifications enable participating physicians to better coordinate care for their patients and improve long-term outcomes.